Port Week Flag Raising Ceremony Monday, October 21, 2019 and Employee Awards Celebration Thursday, October 24, 2019

In commemoration of its 44th Anniversary, the Port Authority of Guam celebrated with a festive gathering amongst family, friends, tenants and port users. Providing 44 years of service to Guam and the Region has been quite an adventure in not only the many milestones achieved in the port modernization, but more importantly, the collective journey in the collaboration with our local and federal partners, stakeholders, and the many who have in one form or another contributed to the success of the Port, thus far. We congratulate each and every one of you! This celebration is especially to honor our port employees who is the strength and key to our continued success. Kudos to the Port Employees! Biba Port Strong!

Flag Raising Ceremony
Monday October 21,2019

Employee Award Celebration
Thursday,October 24, 2019